Open Hands

I’ve learned when you start grad school in your mid-20s, everyone wants to know why. They want to know what’s next. They want to know your end goal.

Seminary is great and allbut what do you want to do when you graduate??

It’s the same thing when you’re a writer and suddenly find yourself networking with other writers and creatives. So, where are you headed? What are you working towards? What’s the dream?

Which are great questions and all. Except I have no idea. Read More

Climbing Blindly

I recently climbed a mountain blindfolded.

Before you think I’m crazy (or lying) – it was part of a leadership challenge for our Flood Youth student leadership team. We split up into teams, had to race to the top, and various members in our group had disabilities – blind, mute, a broken arm. I know, I know. I gave up my weekend to go on a student leadership retreat AND I was the voluntary blind member of our team?? I’m waiting to be declared a saint. Any day now… Read More