My name is Krysti and I want to change the world.

So far that passion has taken me around the world (literally) and back again …and I’m learning that changing the world has a whole lot more to do with changing ourselves than we like to think. I’m learning sometimes the most revolutionary thing you can do is be yourself.

I’m learning a whole lot, actually. I’m not here to pretend I have all the answers – but I sure have a lot of thoughts. 

I write about life. And faith. And books. And donuts. And relationships. And feminism. And ice cream. And politics. And – let’s be real, anything. I write about what I see stirring in the world and what I feel stirring inside me; I write about things I see in my generation and things I see in myself. I’m known for writing a lot about dating and relationships – but my hope, above all, is to write about Truth conquering lies. About the Hope we have been promised.

Sometimes that looks like discussing unhealthy Christian dating culture. Sometimes that looks like discussing what the Holy Spirit reminded me of in yoga last week. Like I said, I have a lot of thoughts. 10250057_10202984319544643_7289980801738139143_n


I love used books, bad puns, and soul friends. My favorite hobbies include beer and board games with my favorite people, any kind of event that revolves around food, and pretending to be a dog owner. I hardly go anywhere without a book in my purse and am fluent in both sarcasm & sass.






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4 thoughts on “Who’s This?

  1. Thanks Krysti for your inspiring words in your article about singleness (“8 things you should never say to your single friends”). You captured the struggles perfectly. Thank you for being our voice!

    Anna from Australia 🙂

  2. Hey Krysti…

    I just wanted to leave you a short message (hopefully one you will find encouraging), to let you know how I’ve really enjoyed your RELEVANT articles on singleness over the last while. Your ability to communicate the balance between the power of relationship yet the beauty of singleness has been super refreshing. I think in Church circles we can lose the focus a bit.

    I guess a lot of this comes from the joy of an intimate relationship with Jesus. Jumping on your site here I understood a bit of why you were able to portray joy in your articles – because its clear you consciously decide to live joyously.

    I’m sure you get many words of encouragement Krysti, but thank you and keep writing – there’s at least one Scottish dude who loves what you your putting down.

    Callum Smith (Glasgow, Scotland)

    • I second that! Another reader happy to hear a balanced, sound opinion on singleness as a blessing and not a curse. Blessings from Singapore.

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