Today I was supposed to leave Malawi. Marco and I both have been counting down, dreading, and avoiding this date for a while now. And yet… I drove Marco to the airport, hugged him goodbye, and here I still am!
Before you all start freaking out, let me be clear. No, I did not fall in love with a Malawian man and am getting married. No, I did not adopt a Malawian child. And no, I am not permanently moving to Malawi. (All things people – joking and not joking – have asked me about).
What I am doing is, in my opinion, much more exciting: I’m staying in Malawi for an extra week, then flying up to Uganda to meet, visit, and accept a job with the Irene Gleeson Foundation. Yes, you read that right. I’m so, so excited to announce that I will be their new Stateside Coordinator!

A flood of emotions hit me as I type that sentence. Disbelief. Shock. Relief. So much excitement. And the kind of happiness that brings about my goofy grin and nervous laugh. When I agreed to move to Malawi right after graduation, I had pretty much come to terms with the reality that I would be coming home unemployed. I would be coming home desperate for any job in San Diego that would pay me; I would take it gladly, and then continue to hunt for a job that I really wanted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be going home not only employed, but with my dream job – a job where my talents truly line up with my passions.
After the way my past 6 months turned out, I should have been ready for God to blow my expectations out of the water. Nothing about my time in Malawi has gone how I thought it would – which is amazing. Because He had better plans for it all along. He always does. How ironic that back in April when Marco and I bought our flights, we naturally assumed nothing would change those plans. Yet he didn’t come on our original flight over, and now I’m not leaving on our original flight back. God always has something up His sleeve…

So, what now? I get an extra week in this beautiful country – to say goodbye to people and places that have become home over the past 3 years, to wrap my head around this transition that’s about to take place, and to rest up before my next adventure. And then, off to Uganda!
San Diego (…and Starbucks, Mexican food, and In-n-Out), be ready for our somewhat delayed but much anticipated reunion February 5th!!

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