Weddings & Wind

As weddings have taken up so much of my life lately, I figured maybe they should take up a lot of my blog as well. Here’s a special wedding season series – some questions I get asked (or ones I don’t), some things I survived, some truths I’ve been learning. And, an extra bonus: one very special wedding!

We prayed for no wind.

Friday afternoon we stood on stage, all in our places, shivering. We stood next to our very best friends, as they clasped hands and looked into each other’s eyes, ready for the day they’ve been dreaming of – now just hours away. Teeth chattering, arms covered in goosebumps, girls holding their skirts down from whipping in the wind, we tried to solely focus on the two of them …but it was hard to not focus a little on the cold. Friday night we spent bundled under blankets, celebrating and laughing – but worried about the weather for the next day. They had rented space heaters, they had 40 homemade quilts on standby, but you can’t control the weather. You can’t control wind. Read More