SINGLE-handedly Surviving Wedding Season (Again)

As weddings have taken up so much of my life lately, I figured maybe they should take up a lot of my blog as well. Here’s a special wedding season series – some questions I get asked (or ones I don’t), some things I survived, some truths I’ve been learning. And, an extra bonus: one very special wedding!

“Saturday is opening day!!”

“Opening day for what?” my friend texted back.

“Krysti’s Wedding Season 2016.”

It’s been a running joke with my friends, how many weddings I keep getting invited to. Every time I say “Oh, I can’t that day! I have a wedding” or “I’ll be out of town that weekend, I have a friend’s wedding” the reply is typically “of course you do”.

It’s funny to me, because I know some people who are invited to way more. It’s funny to me, because people assume I’m just so popular (promise, I’m not). It’s funny to me, because it’s the exact same place I was in last summer: 7 invitations, 5 attendances, 0 dates. Soo, same time next year? Read More