Trump’s Immigration Ish & Some Hamilton Lyrics

Can I be honest? I don’t know how to write about this. I know I need to. I know someone needs to. I know we need to be talking, be rallying, be working together to do something. But, eish. I feel pretty helpless.

This weekend involved a lot of shock. Every time I opened up a newsfeed to scroll through, I found myself holding my breath and holding back tears. The last week was bad enough, each day bringing new actions of our new President. But this weekend showed the tangible, immediate effects of those actions, and I was beside myself.

America, the beautiful? I can’t seem to find you anymore. What cosmetic surgery did we agree to, thinking it would fix us? A botched job seems to have left us bleeding and incomplete. Even worse, it was a surgery we didn’t require; a facelift we were bullied into thinking was necessary.


Can I be honest? I’m become a bit obsessed with Hamilton. “Obsessed” seems like too much of an understatement, but as the rest of the country seems to be on the same page as me I guess we all fall into the same generic category. It’s a joke with my roommates, how much of a problem this has become for me. I’m constantly singing along to one of the songs in my head, constantly playing it in our kitchen. A friend’s brother-in-law has an extra ticket to a show in Chicago, and I seriously debated agreeing to an arranged marriage situation to attend. It’s fine, people. I’m fine. Read More

Some Non-Partisan Election Thoughts

It’s no secret this election season has been… interesting. The primaries were rough. The RNC was basically a circus. The DNC definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’ve really, really tried to keep my mouth shut around stupid people, tried to stay out of Facebook debates, tried to keep my distance and, therefore, my sanity.pexels-photo (3)

Buuut there are just a few things I really, really need to get off my chest. Mostly if you’re going to enter into a political debate where you laugh at or mock other people’s points of views and deem any other opinion than yours as inferior, consider proof reading before you press “post” (the future of America is not at steak, this isn’t the worst election in historu, and your really not write). These are not political stances, not any kind of endorsements. Simply things I have wanted to, again and again, comment back to people, yell at others, or politely voice my thoughts on. This isn’t me being pro one party over another, pro one candidate over another. This is simply pro common sense. Read More