Why Can’t We #FreeKesha?

If you know me, you know I have an unexplainable obsession with Kesha. If you don’t know me – hi, I’m Krysti. I eat too much ice cream and I’m obsessed with Kesha. (Real talk: I think those are the only two things some students in our youth group know about me…)

We don’t need to get into the origins of my obsession (who knows, really?) or the amount of times I’ve dressed up as Kesha (three), or evenĀ all my reasons for loving her (too many to list, C’MON). But we do need to be talking about a big issue here: Kesha just lost a law suit claiming abuse and rape, and is now stuck in a legal contract to keep producing music with her alleged attacker.

***I say claimed and I say alleged, because we don’t know what happened. I’m not pretending to know the truth here, neither should you. That’s the problem with cases of abuse – it’s largely he said / she said. It’s a lot of conjecture. It’s a lot of no hard evidence. Which means there’s a lot of cases of our legal system being, sadly, useless *** Read More