Used to It

A week ago, my pipes weren’t working. Now, when I step into the shower I am overcome with gratefulness for a shower that drains, for the ability to wash my hair whenever I want to. Rinsing off after the gym tonight, I was once again so happy to have working plumbing… yet I wondered at what point I’d start taking it for granted again. It’s a week out. Maybe in two? Maybe three? Definitely by a month, I won’t even think twice about water whooshing down my drain. After all, that’s what it’s supposed to do. No big deal. I’ll be used to it.

It reminded me of when I was coming back from Malawi, how I was so convinced I wasn’t going to take anything for granted. Electricity that works all the time? What a gift. My friends in the same city, in the same time zone? I’ll be forever in awe. Mexican food?! I will praise Jesus for every burrito. And yet, with time, everything became normal once again.  No big deal. I was used to it. (Okay…. I might still do the last one. Burritos are heaven sent.)

It then reminded me of an article I read recently on porn. Shower… Malawi…. porn. Natural progression of thoughts, right? Read More

Red My Lips – Why?

Last year April, I explained how I think wearing red lipstick can change the world (kinda, sorta). About this wonderful non-profit Red My Lips and their wonderful message. So I don’t need to tell you again. This year, let me tell you why I’m wearing red lipstick.

I’m doing this for my friend who was groped by a family member as a little girl.
For my other friend who was sexually abused by a friend of the family as a little boy.
I’m doing this for my friend who’s teacher took advantage of her in high school.
For my other friend who’s high school boyfriend didn’t stop when she asked him to.
I’m doing this for my friend who was raped in college.
For my other friend who was gang raped in college.
For so many friends, that there’s really too many too list.
I’m doing this for all of you who are reading this and thinking, “Wow – me, too. My friends, too.” I’m especially doing this for all of you reading this and thinking, “Wow – you know so many. What are the odds? How do you know so many and I don’t?” Here’s the problem: you do. Read More