Just a List of Complaints

If you thought this was a catchy click bait title that sneakily was something other than really, truly a list of complaints – I’m sorry. This is the maybe one time I am being 100% literal. (Note to everyone still yelling at me over Christian Men in Tank Tops: please Google “satire”, thank you.)

In church on Sunday we were talking about how to go from “hurt” to “hallelujah”; how we get from “horrible” to “hallelujah”. It was a beautiful, inspiring message that I’m not going to attempt to summarize because, dang. You had to be there. Lucky for you it’s 2017, and it will be online for your viewing pleasure soon (heyyyy diveintoflood.com).

We were challenged with the idea of complaining – with confidence in Christ. As in, we need to be okay with complaining. We need to call it like it is, admit life isn’t always rainbow and sunshine. We need to bring honesty to God just as easily as we bring praises. Buuut we also need to do so with confidence in who Christ is. We need to complain knowing the fullness of the God we serve, the goodness He promises. Read More

Jet Lag, Transitions, & Other Things That Suck

I love traveling. Like, a lot. I love people watching at airports. I love simply being at airports. I love the feeling you get when you walk down that weird tunnel between your gate and plane (yes, I’m sure there’s a more technical term for it, but I will always call it ‘that weird tunnel’). I love walking out of a new weird tunnel into a new airport. I especially love the small airports where you get to walk off the plane directly onto the tarmac, descending the stairs like a star from the 1950s.

I love how much traveling always seems to teach you about life. There’s the obvious – the new culture, new history, new customs. You see a different group of people and a different way of life. Languages, food, fashion – everything is a little more intriguing and glamorous when it’s unknown. Read More