You Say You’re Pro-Life, but I Don’t Believe You

A few months ago New York passed the Reproductive Health Act, sparking outrage from the pro-life camp. My newsfeed was flooded with Christians grieving, bemoaning the heartlessness of humanity, crying out about the sanctity of life.

If I’m being honest, I rolled my eyes.

No, I’m not a huge fan of abortions at 40 weeks (as I was accused of after someone saw my said eye roll). Yes, I believe in protecting the marginalized – and I think the unborn fall under that. But the legislation surrounding reproductive health is so much more complicated than we are led to believe. And my frustration isn’t so much with abortion, as most Christians’ is. My frustration is with the people who claim to be pro-life.

And, yes, I say claim. Because I just don’t believe them anymore. Read More