Taking Off My Super Hero Cape

July has been crazy.

IMG_4794I’m not sure if the recent-college-grad in me is still used to the idea of summer being relaxing and carefree (RIP 3 month breaks of all responsibility). Or maybe it’s the season of life I’m in: weddings, weddings, and more weddings. Or the universe just has a sick sense of humor and decided to have a little fun – shaking around my social calendar, shuffling everything around, and having everything land, jumbled, right on top of each other. Friends who have asked to hang out with me get the same, generic response: “I’d love to! I’m crazy busy. Can we plan something in, say, 3 weeks?”
I’ve had 3 weddings, 2 bachelorette parties, 1 week spent up at camp with Flood Youth, 4 days in LA, 2 friends moving, 3 friends visiting from other¬†countries… and I’ve lot track of the amount of friends visiting simply from out of town. All within 31 days. Like I said,¬†crazy.¬† Read More