Jet Lag, Transitions, & Other Things That Suck

I love traveling. Like, a lot. I love people watching at airports. I love simply being at airports. I love the feeling you get when you walk down that weird tunnel between your gate and plane (yes, I’m sure there’s a more technical term for it, but I will always call it ‘that weird tunnel’). I love walking out of a new weird tunnel into a new airport. I especially love the small airports where you get to walk off the plane directly onto the tarmac, descending the stairs like a star from the 1950s.

I love how much traveling always seems to teach you about life. There’s the obvious – the new culture, new history, new customs. You see a different group of people and a different way of life. Languages, food, fashion – everything is a little more intriguing and glamorous when it’s unknown. Read More