How to Be Single

via IMDB

“One for How to Be Single, please.” Oh, how fitting – I thought to myself, as I passed my credit card through the window. I don’t mind being single, 98% of the time. I actually enjoy it, most days. But there are some moments in your life where you have stop – and laugh – because you are oh-so-very single.  

I went to this movie not for life advice – I actually know very well how to be single, thanks – but more because it was a $6 showing, it was an excuse to hang with some friends, and Rebel Wilson is hilarious. And yet I was pleasantly surprised. When I was expecting a get-drunk-as-possible, sleep-with-everyone-in-sight, party-it-UP single mantra, the movie offered so much more. Sure, there’s the casual hookups and the glorified hangovers, the drunken make outs with strangers and other life style choices I’m not really into. But there was also, surprisingly, a lot of inner reflection encouraged. Do you know how to be alone? Do you even know yourself? Is the fear of losing control keeping you from a relationship? Is the fear of a different way of life keeping you from moving forward? Are you too hung up on relationships? Are you too hung up on singleness? Seriously, this movie gets pretty deep for a comedy.

I also went into this movie thinking I would come out with my counter claims of “how to be single” – I foresaw Hollywood giving a step-by-step guide throughout the movie, one that I would clearly disagree with and need to correct. I don’t know why I was expecting a two hour Buzzfeed list, but what I got was a compelling story. Instead of telling me how to be single, the movie simply portrays different variations of singlehood for someone in my generation. Sure, with a Hollywood spin and all, but still. And I appreciated it. Some people hate it – and find themselves desperately seeking a relationship. Some people are in denial over it – convincing themselves they’re fine with a life they never expected. Some people run from it – constantly turning to a warm body (anyone’s warm body) to get through the night. Some people thrive in it. Read More