Small Joys

Life has been a bit rough lately. We don’t need to go into specifics. We don’t need to talk about what time I left work last night. We don’t need to discuss how many times I’ve cried in the past week. Let’s just leave it at “wow, what a year” (it’s March).

As unexpected as life has been in lots of areas, I’ve found myself doing something I’ve never chosen to use my free time for before: watching comedy specials on Netflix. Did Netflix add a million or does the suggested browsing read my mind? Because suddenly there are hundreds to choose from. And among the many things I’ve thought lately – could I go into stand up? A set feels like a bunch of blogs squished together, but said out loud… Hmmmmmm. I dunno, I think I’m pretty funny when I’ve had time to rehearse all my jokes and no one can interrupt me… I’m not too good with weird voices, though… That lady jumping, on stage, in heels, is pretty damn impressive. How can someone be this funny for this long??  – I’m realizing what a joy it is to laugh. Read More