7 Types of Men You’ll Meet as a Feminist

There’s this little historical event happening in DC this weekend – have you heard?? It’s the Women’s March on Washington. If you know me at all, you know I’m STOKED – thousands coming together to rally for equality? Taking a stand for justice? The sass involved of planning it for the day after a man who, seemingly, has no respect for women takes the highest office in the land? SIGN. ME. UP. (I’ll be attending the sister march in San Diego!)

Because of the march, there’s been a lot of discussion on feminism lately. Can feminists be pro-life? Do feminists HAVE to be pro-choice? Is it a women only movement? How intersectional are we being? Is feminism even needed in 2017??

Being a feminist is not always easy. Being an out spoken, passionate about justice, hey-I-write-blogs-about-feminism-a-lot feminist is really not easy. I get a lot of flak from friends. I also get to be a part of a lot of really cool conversations with friends, which I am thankful for. I recently read an article warning to beware of male feminists, which I thought was a little intense and yet incredibly thought provoking. Since then, I’ve been taking a lot of mental notes during the conversations I have with men about feminism. I’ve come to find that, generally speaking, there seems to be seven kinds of men… Read More

Dressember 3: The F Word

For the month of December – in honor of Dressember – I’ll be blogging everyday! Thoughts on anything from fighting for justice to feminism, from dresses I’m wearing to books I’m reading, and everything in between. 


I’m a feminist. That word probably brought about eye rolls, head shakes, or the highly hilarious “Want to hear a joke?? Women’s rights!” line. You’re probably expecting me to now rant about how all men are from the devil or support the #FreeTheNipple campaign or complain about rape culture. (For the record, I totally believe in rape culture.) You’re probably expecting a lot out of  me, because the word ‘feminism’ comes a with lot of assumptions.

It’s frustrating, really, because feminism is so simple. It’s like dating – a very basic thing that we’ve decided to make so incredibly complex. Do you like someone? Ask them on a date. Do you not like them? Tell them. Communicate. It’s not so hard. And yet we go out with people we don’t like and break up with people we do; we text and “talk” and hang out and hook up with people, but we don’t go to dinner with them. We take this very simple concept – date someone you enjoy spending time with – and make it confusing and heartbreaking and a battle. Similarly, we take the simple belief of the equality of the sexes, and we turn it into a war. Read More