Men Want ________

There was an article recently making its way around the internet, instructing young women on what Christian men are looking for in a wife. It’s 1000% ridiculous and doesn’t deserve to be linked out to – but it got me thinking. What DO men want? What ARE Christian guys looking for??
I’ve gotten so much input on this subject over the years (people just, like, walk up and give it to me! For free! Unprompted!), so I thought I’d put everything together in one helpful list.

Christian Dating in a nutshell

1. Miss “Independent”

Men like the chase. So don’t act too interested. Play hard to get. Except that, sometimes boys are dumb – so you need to let them know you like them. Subtly. But obviously. Don’t be desperate about it, but you’ll have to be a little forward about it. Definitely don’t be too forward about it. Read More

Please: Keep it Casual

I’m so excited to have my new friend Drew sharing today – in case you missed it, I was over on his site earlier this week!
We’re talking casual dating and it’s been a blast. I’m fairly confident he’ll make you laugh.

Please: Keep it Casual
A male’s perspective on casual dating and Adele song titles


Rumor Has It
I went to a smaller-ish college in California. The females outnumbered the males two to one. Those are pretty good proportions for a kid from a state full of relatives or old people (Oklahoma).

So I would ask a pretty girl in my class out on a date – just all casual and chill, like a pair of sweats in a refrigerator, you know? We would go out and eat food and have a nice time of it. I would drop her off afterwards, we would each lay our heads down in our own beds, and we would dream blissfully of the “chillness” of it all.

Then, like Frankie Muniz and Hillary Duff in Lizzie McGuire, the entire school would find out the next day. “So,” someone would nudge me and say in a hushed voice, “You and Victoria/Mel/Geri/Melanie/Emma, huh?” (To be clear, these are the names of the Spice Girls, and I did not date any of them.)

Suddenly the world had blown up and the girl I had casually dated the night before was my bride-to-be. We vowed to each other we would “keep it chill” and continue to date casually, but the writing was on the wall. How can two people keep it chill when they are sitting on the rim of a volcano named “Couple-Notoriety?”

When it ended, it left me wondering whose fault it was. Read More