Alone? Or Lonely?

I was sitting by myself, with two strangers on either side of me. Not quite in the mood to make conversation, I simply sipped my drink and glanced around the room. The friend I had just been chatting with had gotten up to talk to someone, the only other person I knew was busy. Was I alone? Oh, yes. But was I lonely? Not so much.n0pqessfyiu-neha-deshmukh

It’s the cliche “worst time of the year to be single”. Basically every Hallmark movie ever bemoans the poor unfortunate soul who’s dateless during the holidays, and by The O.C.’s logic, “how you spend New Year’s Eve is how you’ll spend the rest of the year” (…aka heaven help you if it’s ALONE). Although holiday gatherings can be awkward to walk into alone (again and again and again) and your office Christmas party without a plus one sounds daunting (I wouldn’t know, I “had to” miss mine for a family reunion this year!), hear me loud and clear: being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lonely. Read More

Watching All Your Friends Get Married…

As weddings have taken up so much of my life lately, I figured maybe they should take up a lot of my blog as well. Here’s a special wedding season series – some questions I get asked (or ones I don’t), some things I survived, some truths I’ve been learning. And, an extra bonus: one very special wedding!

“Is it hard hanging out with so many couples??” This is the question I get asked, year round. But during wedding season, it morphs into something else:

“What’s it like being the token single friend among spouses?”

“How does it feel for all your friends to get married before you?”

“What’s it like to watch all your friends married??”

What is it like? How does it feel? Let me let you in on the biggest secret of Krysti’s Wedding Season 2016: normal. Read More