With Memorial Day weekend come and gone and the fact that it’s JUNE (what?!) slowly sinking in, I think it’s officially safe to throw around the term “summer”. Growing up summer meant book lists and library trips and signing up for the reading program (yes, I was that child), but I realize not everyone shares my enthusiasm for books. So although my summer book list of 2017 will surface at some point, I thought a summer “no books allowed” list might be fun.

Here’s what I’ve been reading (in non-book form) and obsessed with lately. Also, yes, I included podcasts. Those feel, to me, educational enough to be on a “book” list.

The Skimm

This falls in a category of its own. The Skimm is a daily email (Monday – Friday) letting you know the major happenings you should be aware of – with puns, sass, and the BEST humor. They cover politics, pop culture, new slang to be aware of, random internet sensations – everything. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the highlight of my morning. I often wonder how in the world these people are so funny. They also tend to recommend great books and/ or wine suggestions, which I am a fan of. Sign up here for an email that’ll make you look forward to getting to your inbox every morning!
(Also: it was started by two women, who have been getting quite a lot of buzz recently, which you know I’m all about!)


  • The Road Back to You – For all you Enneagram enthusiasts (hi, LET’S BE FRIENDS!), this is the best thing to happen to you. Cron and Stabile wrote a book (by the same name) explaining the Enneagram and started this podcast after the fact. Not only is their back and forth sass wonderful on its own, they have fascinating guests each episode and dive so much deeper than “let’s chat about being a type 5”. The conversations are rich, fun, and I always seem to learn something about myself.
  • Call Your Girlfriend – The premise is simple: two best friends who live across the country call each other bi-weekly and chat about life, politics, books, whatever. But the product is phenomenal: these two aren’t afraid to tackle any subject, they have intelligent, grounded, honest conversations, pluuuuus they are witty, sassy, AND fierce. Every episode will make you laugh out loud and wikipedia something/someone you’ve never heard of. A few episodes ago they devoted an entire episode to books by women authors and I wanted to cry with happiness.
  • The Shauna Niequist Podcast – We already knew Shauna could do no wrong. Then she came out with a podcast and ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Every week she bring on a writer friend and they chitchat about life… then get to the serious stuff and start talking about books and food. Yes. Please. Every episode is so refreshing and real. Hearing strong, accomplished women (and 1 man, so far!) fangirl over books and food is my new favorite thing ever.


  • Sarah Bessey – It’s no secret I’m the biggest fangirl of Bessey’s. But her blogs as of late have been WONDERFUL (more so than usual).
  • Samantha Paul – Can I brag for a second and say I actually know this girl in real life?? I LOVE her writing and always get so, so excited when she posts new blogs. She writes about real life and real challenges and does so in a way that makes me feel like I’m not alone. Plus every single blog of hers is so dang pretty to look at.
  • To Write Love on Her Arms – I’ve long been a fan of TWLOHA (a non-profit advocating for healing, self-love, and self-care). Jamie’s words that originally started the movement still gives me chills every. single. time. but their blog lately has been sooooo good. They highlight a variety of voices who bring spotlights to various issues. Especially in the state of America we’re in today, TWLOHA’s message of hope is so needed and so appreciated.

People on Twitter:

  • Nish Weiseth – I have her book waiting to be read on my Kindle, but until I get to it her Twitter feed has been enough to impress me. Nish eloquently and intelligently calls out problems of diversity, engages in important conversations of faith and gender, and is a fierce advocate of special education. I always learn something new from her and am introduced to an angle I hadn’t though to discover. Plus, she’s funnnnny.
  • Science Mike (Mike McHargue) – I got to preview his book (and meet him!) a while back, I highly enjoy his podcasts (both of them!), but I constantly love following Science Mike on Twitter. He goes on highly humorous, highly intelligent rants from time to time. Most of all, I appreciate his constant call for bi-partisan views of politics, good Christian leadership, and desire for truth to ultimately win. Bonus: he’s been very vocal about white male privilege and his journey with it.
  • Rachel Held Evans – I also have her latest waiting for me on my Kindle. Held Evans has been the subject of some Christian “controversies”, which really makes me love her even more. She’s not afraid to dive into hard conversations and call things out like she sees it. Following her through election season helped keep me sane. She knows the fine balance of when to engage with crazies and when to sit back and laugh. I highly enjoy both.
  • Clint Smith – I’ve basically been telling anyone on Twitter to go follow Smith. He often posts super informative threads on historical events / context that don’t get brought to light enough. He has a wonderful ability to talk about current events while weaving in historical context and to point out painful realities of our world while, from a place of hope, holding us to a higher standard.

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