Life has been a bit rough lately. We don’t need to go into specifics. We don’t need to talk about what time I left work last night. We don’t need to discuss how many times I’ve cried in the past week. Let’s just leave it at “wow, what a year” (it’s March).

As unexpected as life has been in lots of areas, I’ve found myself doing something I’ve never chosen to use my free time for before: watching comedy specials on Netflix. Did Netflix add a million or does the suggested browsing read my mind? Because suddenly there are hundreds to choose from. And among the many things I’ve thought lately – could I go into stand up? A set feels like a bunch of blogs squished together, but said out loud… Hmmmmmm. I dunno, I think I’m pretty funny when I’ve had time to rehearse all my jokes and no one can interrupt me… I’m not too good with weird voices, though… That lady jumping, on stage, in heels, is pretty damn impressive. How can someone be this funny for this long??  – I’m realizing what a joy it is to laugh.

Like a deep belly, audible, I-can’t-help-myself-from-reacting-to-that laugh. Not my oh-gosh-this-is-awkward and I-don’t-know-what-to-say-next ‘ha!’ loud breath I sometimes utter.


Which has made me think of what other small joys I’ve been experiencing lately. Life might be hard, but some things are forever sweet:

  • a good book (like ummmmm THIS NOVEL THAT BLEW MY MIND)
  • an unexpected visit to my best friend (she moved to the other side of the country in August and I am still mourning)
  • vacuuming my room
  • when a new recipe turns out so much better than you expected (oh hey, Mexican chicken bake – YOU’RE WELCOME)
  • walnuts were on sale at Sprouts, so blueberry baked oatmeal with coconut milk & crushed walnuts has been getting me through this week
  • my boyfriend’s smile
  • friends who ditch the idea of going out for dinner, cancel our plans to walk, and opt to just sit on the couch for hours instead
  • San Diego is getting its sunshine back
  • kind pharmacists who not email you back but call you back, too
  • slow mornings where I get to drink coffee on the couch
  • the succulent on my desk that, against all odds, I’ve somehow kept alive
  • two friends having babies this week (!!!!!)
  • roommates who come home with “here, eat these chocolate covered almonds”
  • finally hanging up prints I ordered in December


Some are big, some are small, some might be in my new comedy special – coming to Netflix in 2032! 😉

Hope you find some joy today, however small it may be.

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