My name is Krysti. 

I have to tell people
when they see my keys,
when they see the bracelet with ‘Sierra’ attached.

Is that a rhino or a hippo?
People ask
of my beaded animal keychain
brought back so many years ago
by a dear friend
from the faraway Africa –
a place I never thought I’d touch.


My house key is covered in peacock feathers,
the key to my parent’s house is Dodger blue.
People either laugh or roll their eyes.
Why have something normal,
when you can make it more fun?
I reply, with a smile in my eyes.


What’s that?
They ask of the wooden rectangle,
which makes my already bulky keys more cumbersome.
I finger it gently – forever terrified of the day it will break on me.
An attempt at Malawi’s flag carved on one side,
Akuzike etched into the other.
A seemingly insignificant item,
with significance I’ll never be able to fully explain.

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