It’s been a rough week in America and I, for one, am a little weary of Facebook debates and snide comments about gun control and pretty much anything to do with the current state of our government. I think it’s important for citizens to be aware and not hide from un-fun news or un-fun conversations BUT I also think we need to force ourselves to talk about good things from time to time. Cheering on the good can be just as important as calling out the bad.

So here are some of my current favorite things! It’s fall (San Diego has fallen under 70 degrees some mornings!) – and about 3 seconds from the holidays taking over full force – so I think we should sit back for a second, catch our breath, and enjoy all that this new season has to offer. 

Things to Eat:

(aka pumpkin errythang)
> This pumpkin curry – which, bonus points, can be made paleo or Whole30 compliant. I’ve made it with chicken and I’ve made it with shrimp, and they are both delicious. The first time I made this, I was eating it for breakfast – that’s how good it is. I substituted the chicken stock with butternut squash soup (to thicken it up a bit) and, as always, added extra garlic.
> Pumpkin Pizza – I don’t have a recipe for you, except for the magical idea of swapping out your favorite pizza sauce with pumpkin pasta sauce and YOU’RE WELCOME. (I paired mine with Trader Joe’s herb and garlic dough DUH, mozzarella, bacon, and caramelized onions)

I have no idea whats going on in this picture – but C’MON. I couldn’t resist. Pumpkin Pizza!!!

> Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving chips. These have the whole taste of Thanksgiving in ONE chip and I know you don’t believe me but you just have to try them. I am these chip’s biggest advocate. Every time I eat them I check under ingredients for “magic”. (It’s not listed, but I’m still not convinced.)

Things to Watch:

> Marshall was amazing. All around stellar cast, but Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K Brown killed it.
> I can’t remember if Home Again was late summer or early fall, but it was so good I don’t care if it was the wrong season. For fans of The Holiday and female centered stories – this one is for you.
> Stranger Things season 2, OBVIOUSLY.
> This Is Us continues to blow my mind. Every episode I think, “This can’t get any better”. Every episode I am proven wrong.
> Pro-tip: Boy Meets World is on Hulu. Topanga Lawrence is still as wonderful as ever.
> Also fun: Sabrina the Teenage Witch was based off a movie(!!) which is soooo very 90s and available on YouTube and also stars Ryan Reynolds. Yup.

Keeping the pizza theme going strong.

Things to Listen To:

> Impolite Company – two intelligent, sassy women discussing faith and politics. YES PLEASE.
> Dirty John – LA Times newest true crime podcast. Not as good as Serial, but I am on episode 5 and hooked.
> Typology – for all y’all Enneagram enthusiasts. It’s a good one.
> The Liturgists *live episodes* – if you have yet to discover The Liturgists who even are you? Their live episodes are a particular brand of wonderful and should NOT be missed.
> The National Parks (a band, not all the pretty places around the country) came out with a new album that is forever on repeat in our kitchen.

Things floating around the internet:

> This wonderful WaPo article discussing the study of racism.
> This wonderful show thats coming to the internet so soon.
> This wonderful, poignant article that’s done the best job I’ve seen to date discussing emotional labor.

Okay, and this is over two years old but IT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. I cry from laughter just talking about it. A man pretended to be Target’s customer service rep on Facebook and oh my goodness go read it already.


Peace, love & pizza, my friends.

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