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I’ve already explained my recent obsession with Gilmore Girls and why it’s the best show ever. Like, ever. It’s no debate, really. But I think my obsession  is partly due to one small fact (besides the stand alone amazingness of the show): I want to be Lorelai Gilmore when I grow up.

I casually mentioned to some friends how I think (…I dream) I’m pretty similar to Lorelai. I got the sass. I talk pretty fast. I love coffee. Really, we’re two peas in a pod, right? They informed me I’m more of a Rory. Sigh.

I know I’m soft spoken at first, over-analyze everything, and need lists like I need oxygen. I am klutzy. I speak my mind a little too often …and I do carry a book in my purse 90% of the time. Okay, so maybe I am Rory. They went on to say that I’m college Rory. Clarification needed, as we see Rory mature a lot throughout the series. So it’s a compliment, really. Rory Gilmore is intelligent and honest and quick thinking. She’s hard working and loyal and classy. Rory is great! But I still want to be Lorelai.

Here’s the thing, though. Rory is Lorelai Gilmore – technically, legally. So there’s hope! I can become the sassy, independent, emotional roller coaster that is Lorelai Gilmore; I can work to one day reach her level. Why the obsession?? [Spoilers alert! If you haven’t finished the series]

Lorelai is a force to be reckoned with
No one wants to stand in Lorelai’s way – and everyone who knows her, knows that. When she makes up her mind about something, she does it 110%, and damn you if you’re preventing part of that process. She takes on Taylor when needed, she yells at her parents for being crazy, she even calls out Luke for being… Luke. She gets sh** done. This may make her sound intense and horrible, but she’s like this in every aspect of life – from starting her own inn to throwing her daughter’s best friend a baby shower, from dating relationships to reconciling other people’s friendships.

She dreams big
Lorelai raises a daughter on her own, goes back to school because she never got to go to college, and works her butt off to one day open her own inn. That’s pretty dang impressive. She encourages her daughter to dream big as well, getting into an elite private school and then Yale and Havard (I know it’s a TV, people, but still). She goes all out for movie nights and birthday parties – buying every kind of junk food imaginable. And after so many years of heartache and dysfunctional relationships, she still dreams of finding love.
I also admire that throughout everything Lorelai has been through in life, she still believes there’s good in the world. She looks for the silver lining, she pushes through the door that’s been closed, she believes there’s always a good quality to be found. She dreams big about her future, but she also dreams big about the world around her.

The way she loves
After growing up in a toxic family, Lorelai makes her own family in Stars Hallow – she has people who repair her house for her and check in while she’s away, who know what’s going on in her life (a little too much, sometimes) and who care how she’s doing. This is because Lorelai offers to babysit Sookie’s kids and make the costumes for the school play and run the town garage sale. She is is there for people, not matter what, and because of that they are there for her.
Although she’s guarded in almost every dating relationship she’s in (who wouldn’t be? With a past like hers), when she commits to someone, Lorelai is all in. She lets herself be known – quirks and all – and genuinely cares for them, doing anything she can for them. She runs Luke’s diner and helps Chris raise Gigi and fought her parents on Jason’s behalf.
And, of course, the way Lorelai loves and cares for Rory. She did everything possible for Rory, constantly sacrificing her time, money, and pride in order to give Rory the future she wants. Lorelai loves her daughter with a sense of freedom – she allows her to make her own choices and make her own mistakes – while at the same time stepping in when needed. When Rory was out of line with Dean, Lorelai told her point blank. When Rory wanted to drop out of Yale, Lorelai stood her ground because she knew what was best for her daughter. Yet when Rory asked what she should do about Logan’s proposal, Lorelai left the decision completely up to her – she trusted Rory’s maturity to make the right choice and also respected her independence to make the choice on her own.


Preach, girl. Preach. Found on Buzzfeed,  via Tumblr


She’s honest
Though sometimes she tells things a little skewed from her personal bias, Lorelai is one of the most honest characters on the show. We almost never have to guess how she’s feeling or what she’s thinking, because she tells people. Bluntly. Some might argue too bluntly, and too often, but I love it. I think it’s a great way to live – being honest with others, but also honest with yourself. Lorelai knows when she’s hurting, Lorelai knows when she’s being irrational. She knows when people in her life need to get out of her face, and she also knows when to ask for help. Her honesty is sometimes comical and sometimes cringe-worthy, but it’s also incredibly brave and admirable.

Her obsession with food (and belief that coffee falls under that category)
Let me just say, it’s wonderful to get to see a woman on TV love to eat as much as Lorelai Gilmore, and show no shame about it. I’ve already pointed out the impracticality of someone eating that much junk food and yet staying so tiny – so I get that it’s not completely realistic. But it’s still wonderful. Yes, I want a burrito and pizza and a side of chicken wings. Yes, I would like to eat ice cream for dinner. Yes, pop tarts are a wonderful breakfast. Thank you for understanding me, Lorelai.
And you can’t write a blog about Lorelai Gilmore without mentioning her love affair with coffee. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the 4 main foods we see her eat (cheeseburgers, pizza, coffee, pancakes?), and I am a fan of that life. Gilmore Girls on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in hand is, really, the best way to enjoy the show. I love that she has no remorse about her eating habits, and actually shames people for shaming her about them. “You’re going to eat all of that?” “You want how much food?” “More coffee?!?” Ye of little faith, don’t question Lorelai.

She’s the perfect woman
…by that I mean she’s completely flawed. She’s emotionally irrational at times, her independence streak makes any relationship almost impossible, and she is stubborn as hell. Yet she freely admits all these things. She knows her shortcomings, but she also knows her strengths – and because of that she knows her worth.
She’s the perfect mix of everything. She is the best mom and yet cannot cook a meal to save her life. She is a savvy business owner yet completely helpless to fix her doorknob. She is fierce… and yet so girly. She is knowledgeable yet lacks some common sense. She’s impulsive but strategic. I could go on and on and on – Lorelai Gilmore is a conundrum of a person and I absolutely love it. She doesn’t fit into any box, and I hope to do the same.

I could continue this list forever – her witty jokes, her feminist stance on life, her ridiculous fashion choices, her confidence in her decisions, the way she stands up for herself. I’ll stop myself. But know that there is so much more to Lorelai than I could ever hope to explain in one blog.





[Don’t get me wrong – I love who I am. I don’t really, honestly think we should start modeling our lives after TV characters, I see the flaws in that plan. Yet I do believe there are lessons to be learned about life anywhere – in books, at the store, in conversations with friends, and through Netflix. And I am proudly obsessed with Lorelai Gilmore.]

Lorelai has Luke, but ever wonder who Rory should have ended up with?? Let me tell you.

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  2. Like you said, she doesn’t fit into any box, but you sure did a great job of summarizing the awesomeness that is Lorelai!! There is definitely a lot that can be learned from her!!

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