For the month of December – in honor of Dressember – I’ll be blogging everyday! Thoughts on anything from fighting for justice to feminism, from dresses I’m wearing to books I’m reading, and everything in between. 

December 1st means it’s 24 days till Christmas, it’s 5 days till the epic Christmas Collective (if you’re in San Diego, join me?!), and it means it’s Dressember 1st. Dressember?? What’s that?

Dressember is so many things. A world wide movement. A chance for women to stand together, for each other. A simple way to take a loud stand. A call for justice, for all. It’s beautiful, it’s amazing, and it’s finally here! Still confused by what it actually is? For the month of December, girls are committing to wearing dresses every single day. Every day! While doing so, they are raising money to fight human trafficking. I love it. What a seemingly small act that has such a big influence – which is how, in my opinion, one changes the world. 

I love love love Dressember (I think I’ve made that obvious?) for multiple reasons. But here’s my top 3:

  • Dressember was started by one woman, as a personal fashion challenge. She wore dresses for the month of December – no big deal. A year later, some of her friends wanted in on the fun. And the year after? Strangers wanted to join. She saw the potential power this held, and decided to use it for good. Human trafficking was a cause dear to her heart, and since 70% of victims are female, she decided to use Dressember to unite women to fight for the freedom of all women. The first year our goal was $25,000, and women across the world raised $165,000. All because one person used her passions for a greater good. One person who felt like she had no weapon to hold in the fight for justice, because she was simply a girl who loved fashion. Dressmeber 2015’s goal is a million dollars. I’m so excited to see us reach it.
  • Dressember takes something typically seen as girly and feminine, and allows us to use it for world change. Girls aren’t sitting on the sideline anymore, we’re in the arena and we’re fighting for freedom. It’s wonderful. On Instragram you can follow #YouCanDoAnythingInADress to see women change tires, climb mountains, and shovel snow while wearing dresses – showing we can do anything we put our minds to, no matter what we’re wearing, no matter our gender. It’s a beautiful message, and a beautiful way of reclaiming femininity – for all women. Men (you aren’t left out!) are invited to take pictures with signs proclaiming “REAL MEN DON’T BUY GIRLS” to show their support for Dressember – some have even worn bow ties for a month, or joined in with wearing dresses!
  • It’s an easy, everyday decision to stand up for freedom – which goes to show every day, every decision, can be used to promote world change. You can take a stand in where you choose to buy coffee, in choosing to use kindness with that difficult co-worker, in what non-profits you choose to support this Giving Tuesday. You can also take a stand in the morning while getting dressed, by choosing a dress. At least I am.

You can watch Blythe’s story, in her own words.. Fair warning, you might tear up. You should tear up. It’s beautiful. You can join my friends and I or contribute to the cause! As a fun little extra Dressember challenge, I’m blogging every day of the month as well! So you can follow along with that right here. Wishing you a beautiful Dressember 1st today!

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