Midterms are Hard & So is Change

Midterms wrecked me this week

I mean really, really wrecked me. I could go into the laundry list of to-do items I had (laundry being high on the list), I could explain what a killer this semester has been, I could go into how life has just been being life – but it’s not necessary. I had two midterms on the same night and one weekend to prepare for them, and it just felt impossible.

And impossible, if I’m being honest, felt incredibly frustrating. Read More

Some Thoughts on Being a Corporate Sellout

My pencil skirt is itching, and my blazer really needs to be dry cleaned. (Am I now the type of person that gets things dry cleaned?? Note to self to ponder later.) I’m covered in goosebumps, as I wish for the 50,000th time over the past few months that women’s office clothes came with a few more layers, that ‘office chic’ involved wearing a blanket, because even with my space heater hidden under my desk I’m always freezing in this office. Then I have to remind myself all the times I promised myself, as I was melting to death in Malawi, that I would never again complain of being cold… 

And just like that, I’m reminded of what my life used to look like, what my future used to seemingly hold. Glancing around my office – complete with hardwood floors and a headset, a desk of post it notes and print outs – I’m quickly reminded none of this was in the plan. 39982a21

I was the non-profit girl for so long. And then, all of a sudden, I wasn’t. Which was fine, really, I’m fine, I would tell people.  Because I was. I was still the youth leader girl, after all. I still had one of my passions, after all. And then, all of a sudden, I didn’t. All of a sudden, I wasn’t sure who I was. Read More

Brock Allen Turner & Rape Culture

On January 17th, 2015, Brock Allen Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. In March, Brock Allen Turner was convicted of 3 felonies of sexual assault. Facing a maximum of 14 years in jail, Brock Allen Turner has since been sentenced to 6 months in jail – although the reality is he will probably spend far less than 180 days behind bars. Brock Allen Turner is now a registered sex offender – he will be for the rest of his life. And Brock Allen Turner still has yet to admit to any wrong doing – except drinking too much that night.

America is outraged – understandably so. What an injustice. What a gross joke. Reading all the articles has been devastating. Reading the victim’s own words is truly heart breaking. This whole situation is – to quote the majority of people in my Facebook newsfeed – unbelievable. Yet you know whats the worst part about all of this?

This is the best case scenario. Read More

International Women’s Day!

March 8th. International Women’s Day. It’s a day we – worldwide – celebrate females! So we must have equal rights by now, right? Except… we don’t.

Here’s the thing – I get it. Women have been seen as less than for so long. We’ve been objects and property and currency, things of beauty or an economic asset – little else. It’s going to take a while to make a complete shift out of that mindset, to see us as capable, function-able, worthy human beings, I get it. For so long, we’ve been seen as primarily sexual objects (something the ever rising porn industry is not helping with) – so I understand the high levels of sexual assault, the victim blaming we get, the rape culture we live in. I am NOT IN ANY WAY OKAY WITH IT, but from a sociological standpoint, I get it. In so many parts of the world, this shift to equality is still being flat out resisted. I’m lucky to live in a country where my getting an education wasn’t frowned upon, where I have the freedom to not only think my thoughts, share my thoughts with others, but also write my thoughts on the public internet. So I’m glad we have an International Women’s Day. We need it. I’m glad we have people fighting fearlessly in the name of progress. We need them. We need you! So I’m not sitting here, bitter, that overnight women haven’t become equal to men – I realize that’s impossible. I realize change doesn’t come instantaneously. I’m hopeful these things will one day change, I’m hopeful that “one day” comes sooner rather than later, and I’m hopeful for a brighter future for today’s girls to grow up in. I’m hopeful, but I remain realistic.

Yet there are some things I don’t get. There are some things that I just can’t fathom about our world today. There are some questions that keep circling in my head that I can’t find a reasonable answer to… Read More