Summer “Book” List

With Memorial Day weekend come and gone and the fact that it’s JUNE (what?!) slowly sinking in, I think it’s officially safe to throw around the term “summer”. Growing up summer meant book lists and library trips and signing up for the reading program (yes, I was that child), but I realize not everyone shares my enthusiasm for books. So although my summer book list of 2017 will surface at some point, I thought a summer “no books allowed” list might be fun. Read More

An In-Depth Analysis of 13 Reasons Why

Warning: this post contains ALL the spoilers. Also, like 13 Reasons Why, may be triggering for some people.

Within the last 2 weeks, I’ve both read the novel 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and binged the new Netflix series of the same name – which I think puts me in a minority. The few people I know who have read the book have done so years ago, compared to the multitudes watching the show right now. I’ve been reading article after article discussing the series – which is fair considering most people will only watch the show – but I think it unfairly lumps the author in with the producers.  As someone who read the novel so close to viewing the show, I’m not only frustrated with how they handled an otherwise good story, but also baffled how they twisted it so far wrong. Read More

Springing Forward: Book List

We’re three whole months into the new year now (…too late to still be calling it “new”? Let me know), so I figured a book list was in order. We also just lost an hour of sleep this weekend – YAY SPRING – so clearly we could all use a reason to smile.

Life has been a bit crazy for me at the moment (luckily with mostly exciting things!), so I haven’t been able to attack my ever growing reading list as much as I’d like. Is anyone else’s book shelves newly crammed with Christmas-gift books, best-of-last-year’s books, and this-year-I’ll-read-more!!!!!So-I-can-buy-these books? Just me? Read More

Best Books of 2016

Book list season is the BEST kind of season. Has anyone else been devouring all these “best of 2016” lists?? I think the other day at work I had 3 open simultaneously. No shame.

I was already eyeing what I want to read next year, when Goodreads sent me a fun email of everything I’ve read this year! I’ll be honest, when it said I read 20 books it seemed far too small. Only 20?! I realize that’s a crazy amount to some; as an avid reader I felt like I was doing more reading than that…

Sidenote: some of my friends are trying out the 52 books in a year thing for 2017! Anyone ever done that? Seems daunting. Also seems tempting. Hmmm.

Here’s the best of what I read this year! (Along with a full list at the bottom) Any recommendations?? Let’s talk books *heart eyes emoji*  Read More

Finding God in the Waves

You probably know Mike McHargue as ‘Science Mike’ – co-host on The Liturgists podcast. Or maybe you know him from his own podcast, Ask Science Mike. Maybe you’ve seen his blog, caught some of his appearances or interviews on other platforms. Maybe you recognize his name, maybe you recognize his ability to take anything simple and make it incredibly complex by providing a scientific, logical definition with lots of big words (or is that just me?), maybe you recognize his calming voice with the southern lilt. I used to know him as all those things, too, but now I know him as another thing: friend.

No, we haven’t met. Although he was gracious enough to chat with me on the phone last week (on the morning of his book release, no less!) and I follow him on Twitter, I doubt he would consider us very close. But after reading Finding God in the Waves, it’s impossible to walk away and not feel as if you just gained a new friend. Read More

Krysti’s “Book” List: TED Talks

If you know me at all, it’s no secret I’m rather obsessed with TED talks. I think one of the absolute coolest things about being the internet generation is the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, and the fact that we can have an expert on pretty much anything break it down for us in 20 minutes or less. What?! How are we so lucky?

I was chatting with a friend recently about some good TED talks to look up (and sharing about the TED Radio Hour podcast, obviously, because ITS THE BEST), and I decided a list was in order. 9 times of out 10, when I listen to a really great TED talk, I want to buy the person’s book afterwards (because, let’s be real, 9 times out of 10 the speaker has a 200 page book that explains in detail their 20 minute talk). A friend once joked extroverts love TED talks because they get all the information of a research heavy book in 20 minutes or less, and it feels like they socialized with the speaker; introverts love TED talks because they get a 20 minute intro into the next book they’ll be buying. Pretty much. Sooo maybe this isn’t a typical “book list”, but kinda sorta it is? Also this is my website and I get to do what I want.

Here are 5 TED talks that changed my life:
(most definitely not an exhaustive list, and in no particular order)pexels-photo-64057 (2)

If I Should Have a Daughter…, Sarah Kay
Okay, try to listen to the first 5 minutes and not fall out of your chair. Just try. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to her beginning piece because it’s just. that. good.
Sarah Kay is a brilliant poet; her mastery of words leaves me in awe daily (literally daily. I’ve been reading her poetry every night before bed). As if that isn’t good enough (which, IT IS), how she’s using her passion and talent in the lives of young people is truly inspiring. Even if you aren’t a word nerd, this talk is wonderful.

Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection, Reshma Saujani
You can probably tell by the title of this alone that I am alllllll about it. But let’s get vulnerable for a second: the first time I watched this I was in tears. Because this is a daily struggle of mine …and of friends my age …and of my girls who are still growing up. Girls’ strive for perfection seems so normal, I never even considered striving for bravery instead. Everyone should watch this and rethink how they treat the women in their lives (including themselves).

The Power of Introverts, Sarah Cain
This. Yes. Not only did so much of Cain’s talk resonate with me, her work is equally research heavy and eloquent. Yes, I immediately bought her book after watching this. Yes, I loved it. Instead of simply bashing on extroverts and their way of doing things, Cain points out ways for us to allow introverts to truly shine in their power. Her book does a super helpful job of explaining what an introvert actually is – we aren’t just shy, we aren’t just anti-social. Extroverts and introverts alike should be more aware of how the other functions, so we can respect the differences and love the differences.

The Power of Vulnerability, Brene Brown
Get ready for a punch to the gut, because this one gets me every time. Turns out we actually need to show our weaknesses to each other to really see each other to truly connect with each other – who would have thought? Brown is a fascinating researcher with a ton of great books. I think this talk is a gateway drug to becoming addicted to all her work. Worth. It.

The Danger of a Single Story, Chimamanda Adichie
The pain of a Single Story is something that affects everyone, everywhere – yet I had never considered the concept until watching this beautiful talk. Adichie is all around wonderful – her books, her sass, her views on feminism. I love it all. This is her in her prime, talking about something so personal to her and yet so universal to the world. Once you watch it, you won’t be able to stop seeing the single stories you’ve believed about people in your life.

*Bonus: The Power of Story, Krystina Wilkinson
Oh my goodness, I just referenced myself on a list which feels so embarrassing and so ridiculous. And yet, if I’m being 100% honest while compiling a list of TED talks that truly changed my life, I’d be lying if I left mine off. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and one of the coolest ways I saw God show up. I’m still so resistant to the attention it brings, even 2 years later. So this is me being honest and vulnerable (Brene would be so proud!), which I’m trying to do more of these days.

I could easily add 20 more to this list (…and probably will eventually), as I can easily talk about TED talks f o r e v e r. What are some of your favorites?? What should I be sure to watch next?

Krysti’s Book List

With the beginning of the year came so many good books! And, sadly, so little time to read them. At least in my life. 2016 started out with a bang, and I feel like I’m never going to recover – engagements, bridal showers, and birthday parties will soon become weddings, summer trips, and more birthdays. When I need to regain my sanity amidst the crazy, I find myself cancelling plans for the evening (sorry not sorry) and curling up on my couch. Or, what happened earlier this week, finding a spot in the crazy Trader Joes line that reached halfway to the back of the store, pulling out the book I always carry with me, and enjoying my half hour wait. I’m nothing if not always prepared!


So what’s everyone reading right now?? What’s next on your list? What’s worth adding to mine?

Read More

Best Books of 2015

One of my favorite parts of a new year is getting to see all the “best of” lists of the past year. Top songs, top movies, top anything – it’s a fun little recap of the year, and it helps you see if you missed anything actually worth seeing. (As someone who rarely sees movies in theaters, it lets me know what’s worthy of Redboxing…)

2015 was my first official full year of not being in school – aka 365 glorious days of no required reading lists. Which means I got to read anything and everything my heart desired, and it was WONDERFUL. I joined a book club, I joined the public library, and I hit up my favorite used book store far too often. I read some great ones, I read some okay ones, but these are my top 5: Read More